Office LED lighting.

Price from 2273 rubles.

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  • High brightness, large savings of electricity consumed.
  • Your electric bill drastically reduced, more efficient by 80% compared to incandescent lamps.
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours
  • No harmful radiation and harmful constituents in LEDs
  • LED lamp 7 watt E27 390 rub / pcs.

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  • Make no noise, hum during operation.

  • For lamps do not need a starter or ballast.

  • Operating voltage 85-265 volts.

  • Long service life.

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150Watt 506M cover triada 



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    LED lamps for filling stations (gas stations)

LED Gas stations menu

Lighting for aircraft parking at the airport

Airport frame

Lighting arena for horses

horse training


ROSNANOSVET PETERSBURG - LED products in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg).

Company "ROSNANOSVET-PETERSBURG" was founded in 2009, aims at introducing energy saving technologies in the Russian market.

The company is engaged in the manufacture, sale, supply and installation of LED products, LED lighting for industrial facilities, offices, street, architectural lighting and utilities.
Our company offer a complete solution: from project development and selection of lighting equipment to the supply and installation of fixtures in the facility.
A special place in our work deals with social projects - for example, supply and installation of LED lighting in a free gift for the "Social Housing ", lonely elderly citizens Petrograd district administration.
Suggest you use our online shop LED products. On the site you can easily buy LED products wholesale and retail.
Buy LED lamp in St. Petersburg, thanks to us, now simple and profitable.